I believe Art allows us to see beauty through the eyes, heart and hands of another.”

Welcome to my website.

I am a Gold Coast-based intuitive artist, known for my ethereal works featuring Angels, Animals and Angelic-inspired themes.

The artistic process is one that I find transformative as I connect visions and feelings in themes that are symbolic and significant to me, with my art becoming the expression of this journey.

By sharing my work, I invite the viewer to experience their own inner journey with the energy that emanates from my artwork.

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see. ” Degas

Artistic Statement

Why I make my art works:

“ART is my bridge to experience what is possible in my life.

Creating from a vision and bringing this to life on a canvas is inspiring, reminding me of my ability to create in other areas of my life when I step away from the easel.

What inspires me:

I find inspiration all around me and my paintings seem to find me from the blank canvas. The world looks so beautiful and magnificent, when looking with the view of painting life’s reflections.

I love conveying emotions in my work and exploring the undefined and limitless nature of life.

What to expect from my artwork moving forward:

I started my working career as an Accountant, and making a shift to painting full time has been both a blessing and a gift. I discovered a part of myself when I picked up a paint brush, and I’m excited by the ongoing adventure of seeking self expression through my artwork.

I’m committed to bringing the visions I see into the physical through my work, in the most powerful and emotional way I can by exploring and seeking new ways to communicate the beauty I see and feel around me. Most importantly, by being in it with all my heart.”

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso

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My latest body of work is titled “Divine by Design” and represents an aspect of ourselves, with each piece or Angel representation symbolising a quality or strength of the divine at work within us.

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Exquisite designs based on my original oil paintings, created to bring the energy of the artworks into your home and work environment.

Made in Australia, Fair Trade and responsibly sourced fabrics and recycled papers.



Drawing on my intuition for creative expression, I work in consultation with clients to produce works infused with significance and meaning. Producing soulful artwork that deeply resonates with clients.

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Cheryl is continuing to build on the theme of her ‘Divine by Design’ body of work.

“I love exploring the undefined and limitless nature of life, feeling into the essence of who we are, which to me is divine. We are so much more than our physical form, yet the study of the human form illuminates our divinity.

My work will build on my figurative studies,  painting figures that are realistic yet surreal in their luminescent and heavenly nature.

I have a fascination for Angelic and Etheric Artwork, and I’ve been inspired in my own work to explore the texture of feathers which symbolise the beautiful guiding presence around us, working with their delicate nature bringing texture and softness to their presence on the canvas.  Compelling the viewer to reach into the canvas to feel their softness.’