“Every Painting Begins with a Meditative Journey.”

Welcome to my website.

Art has an amazing ability to lift our spirits and fill our homes with beauty. It can be infused with spiritual symbology and meaning, and I love to explore this in my paintings .

My name is Cheryl, welcome to my work. I am an Australian based Intuitive Artist, Advisor and Coach, known for my ethereal artworks featuring Angels, Animals and Angelic-inspired themes.

I invite you to explore my online gallery, and my studio notes where I share the inspiration behind artworks, and my art inspired travels.


It is very special when a client finds a painting that speaks to their heart and soul.


If you would like more information on any of my artworks, please feel free to contact me.

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2024 Art Calendar 00 Cover | Cheryl Hart

Let’s Elevate 2024
With A Year of Art and Inspiration

Welcome to my Debut Art Calendar, a collection of my favourite artworks paired with inspirational quotes from my studio notes.

This calendar was born from an idea that emerged after a year of moving and traveling. I wanted to create something special, a way to carry a piece of my art with me no matter where I was staying. A calendar seemed like the perfect canvas for this purpose. It was also designed with the intention of being a source of inspiration for the year ahead.


elevate your 2024 with inspiring art

Cheryl Hart Angel of Self Love

Beautiful Fine Art Reproductions capturing the beauty and colour of the original painting.
Printed in Australia.

Cheryl Hart The Madonna

Original paintings symbolic of heavenly visions and infused with soulful meaning, ready to hang in that special place within your home.

Cheryl Hart Hummingbird Bliss

Original paintings symbolic of heavenly visions and infused with soulful meaning.