Every Painting Begins with a Meditative Journey.”

Welcome to my website.

I am an Australian based Intuitive Artist, Advisor and Coach, known for my ethereal artworks featuring Angels, Animals and Angelic-inspired themes.

The artistic process is one that I find transformative as I connect visions and feelings in themes that are symbolic and significant to me, with my art becoming the expression of this journey.

By sharing my work, I invite the viewer to experience their own inner journey with the energy that emanates from my artwork.

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see. ” Degas

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Original paintings symbolic of heavenly visions and infused with soulful meaning, ready to hang in that special place within your home.

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Beautiful Art Reproductions capturing the beauty and colour of the original painting.

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Drawing on my intuition for creative expression, I work in consultation with clients to produce works infused with significance and meaning. Producing soulful artwork that deeply resonates with clients.

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A new painting release, ‘The Madonna’

and was inspired by my love of Michelangelo’s famous statue, ‘The Pietà’ and the healing messages of the Madonna.   The Madonna is known as ‘The Lady’, and I created this painting as a devotional piece to capture the healing essence The Madonna symbolises.