Cheryl Hart Angel of Self Love
If you follow my social media page you may have read that in 2019 I had an amazing adventure in Italy. With sketch supplies in tow, I packed my bag and booked 5 weeks touring from Rome to Venice, with many stops in between. I left Australia with no set plans or bookings in place, other than my initial 2 nights accommodation in Rome.  This was a truly liberating feeling.  Writing this blog reminds me of the joy and excitement I felt stepping off the plane in Rome. I was itching with excitement to explore, wander through galleries, little back streets all while soaking up the atmosphere of walking where the great masters once walked.

My painting, the Angel of Self Love was born from this time. The original sketch for this painting came in a vision on the final stage of my trip when I arrived at Lake Garda in Northern Italy. After checking into my accommodation I wandered to the shoreline of Lake Garda, arriving in perfect timing to witness and capture the very special moment when two swans bowed their heads to each other. In a graceful and fluid dance, they formed the vision of a love heart. I was in awe to see such a beautiful moment of connection and poise.  I knew my time in Lake Garda was for reflection and meditation after a busy 5 weeks traveling. In the Angel of Self Love, I imbedded a sketch of these beautiful swans in the under layers of the painting, these swans from part of her wing in the final layers.

The symbology of Swans is seen through history, especially in artwork of the Renaissance period, a major inspiration for me during my times of travel. She is facing us, yet her gaze is down and reflective in nature. This shows us that she is aware of her outside world yet maintains a connection to her inner being, and does so with graceful poise.

The red rose symbolises the cosmic or divine centre of the universe and the red colour symbolises passion and love. Her hand while holding the rose is gently held to her chest to symbolise her devotion to self-awareness and love.

I love painting Angels as their image can transcend religions and traditions, reminding me that we are truly connected regardless of faith or beliefs. Visons of angels inspire hope and serve as a reminder that we are not alone, and that an unseen and divine force guides our path.  

This piece captured my gratitude and love for all that was shown to me while in Italy, a truly magnificent and magical time.

If you would know more about Angel of Self Love or you would like to bring her into your home, please feel free to contact me or venture over to the Gallery – Shop for more details.