Cheryl Hart Cupid


In mythology, Cupid is the God of love and attraction. This work was created off a study piece, I found this amazing statue in a park in the historic town of Arezzo, Italy on the hill top near the Fort. While visiting this beautiful town I spent my afternoons in the park sketching and meditating. It was only on my second visit that I noticed the statue of Cupid.

When I returned to Australia I brought my sketch to life in oils, and the process transported me back to my art trip to Italy. A time when I fell deeper in love with all things art and Italian, you could say Cupid worked his magic. My favourite part of this piece was working on his wing detail, so meditative and therapeutic.


devine spaces deserve exquisite artworks

Copyright: © 2020, Cheryl Hart, Cupid, Oil, 60 x 60 cm

Cupid is available as a Fine Art Reproduction.