Cheryl Hart Hummingbird Bliss

Hummingbird Bliss

Each animal, bird, insect and living creature affords us a special magic or spiritual wisdom, which it carries to remind us of that part within ourselves.

The acrobatic and dynamic flight of hummingbirds can send flutters through the hearts of viewers. In this painting, the Hummingbird’s wings and tail to extend beyond the canvas, symbolic of his energy not being contained, or boxed in. Hummingbirds don’t thrive in captivity, and need the freedom to always fly.

Our souls crave the same sense of freedom and just as the hummingbird suspends himself in flight, to reach for the nectar of the flower, when we hold true to our own values and the desires of our own hearts. We open to experience the sweet nectar of life. The nectar of life is contentment, inner peace, being valued, and the ability to find fulfillment. It is the feeling of joy! 

devine spaces deserve exquisite artworks

Copyright: © 2017, Cheryl Hart, Hummingbird Bliss, Oil, 76.03 x 101.7 cm

Hummingbird Bliss is available as a Fine Art Reproduction.