Cheryl Hart Reclining Angel

Reclining Angel

The Angelic piece is symbolic of surrendering to the strength within, and the balance of gentleness and strength as one.

This painting was also a key piece in my “Divine by Design” body of work. This Angel was painted to remind us that sometimes our greatest gifts and lessons come from the moments of darkness that surround us. His physical stature and muscles symbolise his inner strength, his ability to handle the ebb and flow of life, navigating the storms that come his way and doing so knowing that he is divinely supported, as symbolised by his wings.

His human nature and vulnerability is shown by the vein detail in his arm. There is a gentleness in his gaze as he leans back in a position of trust.


devine spaces deserve exquisite artworks

Copyright: © 2015, Cheryl Hart, Reclining Angel, Oil, 90 x 60 cm

Reclining Angel is available as a Fine Art Reproduction.